Bali Cycling Tours Offer 3 Incredible Routes

Bali cycling tours are always exciting from time to time. They offer not only tracks to cycle but also opportunities to get involved with local people. When it comes to rice harvesting season, the bikers could stop and take part in the harvest. Local people are kindly having conversation with the bikers about how they plant rice, cultivate the plants and harvest. When it is a kite flying season, the bikers can also stop to watch how they fly their kites.

Other ceremonies held by local people are also attractive. In short, cycling tours will enable you to understand Balinese daily life. The experienced guides will lead the bikers to the right place to go cycling and passing through the wonderful views as well as attractive Balinese activities.

Here are Bali Cycling Tours to consider:

Ubud To Tirta Empul Water Temple

Historically, Tira Empul Water Temple was built over 1000 years ago. This temple looks very attractive. However, visitors must keep their attitude well as it is one of the holiest places in Bali.

For bikers, cycling to Tirta Empul Water Temple is just like having fun. They will go through the local villages and rice terraces. Once they arrive at the temples, they can see how incredible Subak water irrigation system is. Believe it or not, the water irrigation was established over centuries.

A route from Ubud to Tirta Empul Water Temple is one of the most wonderful cycling routes. The bikers can actually track the route from the early morning to the afternoon.

Ubud To Tegalalang Rice Terraces

A route from Ubud to Tegalalang rice terraces is also best included in Bali cycling tours list. If you only knew, Tegalalang terraces are regarded as a part of Bali treasures that everyone can witness in half a day.

Start the route from Ubud and go cycling through the local villages, some of attractive views and rice fields. You can also visit the temples and local Balinese family and coffee plantation on the way back to Tegalalang rice terraces which are regarded as the popular UNESCO World heritage site. Stop there and enjoy delicious local meals for lunch or even dinner.

Sanur To Ubud Adventure

Other Bali cycling tours route to consider is Sanur To Ubud adventure. Sanur To Ubud track offers the rice field tracks which are perfect for those who want to escape from crowd. This route allows you to travel along the green rice belt of Bali. You can stop at the temples, a Balinese family compound and stone carving village as well as a teak wood plantation. If you want to go back to the majestic Ubud, you can take a road along the Bali’s green rice belt.

Once you arrive at Ubud, there are some options of delicious meals for either lunch or dinner. Enjoy the meals while you can also enjoy the sights of town before going back to Sanur.

Overall, it is very exciting to go for Bali Cycling Tours. Make sure you take the best route to go cycling by considering the ideas we have already shared above.